Our Ranch

Our ranch is located in a small part of Croatia called Marina in the dalmatian region. Still having that “old world” charm, the area is a beautiful mix of turquoise water bays and olive groves throughout with centuries-old stone houses mixed in to make you feel like you've gone back in time 1000 years.

History of the Oil

The Olive is the most numerous and most important fruit of Dalmatia. Throughout history, it was a foundation of survival on the islands and in the coastal areas. It provided man with everything he needed: wood for timber and firewood, leaves for animal feed, fruit for human consumption, and oil for food, spice, medicine, and light.

Oil Today

Olive oil is often referred to as liquid gold but the color and taste of olive oil depend on which variety of olives the oil is produced. Many olive varieties of different characteristics are found in the Mediterranean but few exist in Croatian olive groves.