Our Ranch

Although beautiful, the olive groves are almost all completely overgrown with other vegetation due to being unused since the days before Yugoslavia took control of the lands.  Work has begun in the area among the many who still own the groves to bring it back to its former glory and to show the world that Dalmatia has some of the finest olive oil in the world!

When first purchased, the ranch had been completely taken over by the surrounding vegetation. Although there are eight stone buildings on the property only two were visible and known about! After a tremendous amount of work, the rest was uncovered and plans are in place to restore the buildings and bring the ranch back to a truly livable functioning farm. There are multiple rain wells, a chicken coop, a small stable, eight individual walled-off gardens with small rain wells, and of course the olive grove itself.

All of these features are hundreds of years old and will take years of work to bring back to life… but while the work carries on our first goal is to use the land for what it was intended and that is world-class olive oil! It has been a battle reclaiming the olive grove bit by bit but we are making progress. The land, though overgrown, is most difficult to farm due to it being almost entirely loose rock. As the land is cleared of vegetation we then move the rocks into rows to be able to access the trees more easily but it is no simple feat. everything is done by hand and we use no chemicals to clear new growth so there is a bit of two steps forward one step back but when it is finished it will truly be a marvel to visit!